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ODBC (open database connectivity) is an application programming interface(API) that allows you to connect to a data source like msaccess , oracle etc…
ODBC is vendor dependent that means for each db there will be a specific ODBC driver.
ODBC driver is a .dll(dynamic link library) file. If the php application want to work with oracle db, we need to create a DSN for oracle.
DSN stands for Data Source Name, is the reference of the db to any front end application.

Create an ODBC/DSN for Oracle :

Start -> settings -> control panal -> administrative tools -> data sources
Click on “add” button.
Select a driver for which you want to setup a datasource.
Select Microsoft ODBC for oracle or oracle for Ora ***[MSORCL32.dll/SQORA32.dll] click on finish.
Data source name :  oracledsn
Username : scott

Create an ODBC/DSN for Oracle,ODBC With PHP,odbc, odbc drivers, php with odbc.
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